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This involves a refining process for grain products containing starch using only steam and pressure. In this way an increase in volume is obtained and the products are crispy and light. The puffing products can also be further refined in terms of flavour and appearance with the coating technology. Both large container filling systems and small package systems are available for packaging.


Our products

Puffing products are mainly manufactured on the basis of wheat, spelt, barley and rice. Wheat, spelt, amaranth, quinoa and other grain types are also available in organic quality. Wheat and spelt puffing products can also be refined with coating technology.


Our Quality

The quality of the products is of utmost importance for SchapfenMühle. This ambition is demonstrated throughout the entire production process, from the procurement of the raw materials to delivery. Thanks to the most modern production means, high quality raw materials and certified manufacturing processes, we are a reliable partner for our customers.